Solid experience

in healthcare market and implementation of products and brands




By joining forces and sharing knowledge with business partners and customers, LINK HEALTHCARE has the ambitious mission to disrupt and transform Brazilian health system, introducing new players, offering sustainable solutions, and creating a fair competition in the market.


Through our international suppliers and partners, we offer thousands of items used in the best hospitals from Europe and Americas.


Our activities are managed by highly qualified professionals, 100% dedicated to healthcare market, specialized in international business, imports, sales, distribution, marketing and clinical support.


Over the last 25 years, LINK HEALTHCARE business partners and associates achieved several success cases, introducing companies in Brazil, as well as new brands and concepts that, nowadays, are part of the routine of the most important hospitals and laboratories in the country.



LINK HEALTHCARE was created to meet demands of the Brazil´s most important hospitals, distributors and Labs in search of more efficient solutions that will bring them better results in short, mid and long-term.



Our company is formed by dynamic healthcare professionals with more than 25 years of experience introducing prestigious brands and products among hospitals, distributors and laboratories.






LINK HEALTHCARE TEAM is composed by senior partners and associates with proven achievements, market recognition and distinguished awards, which the most important are:


100 Most Influencing Players of Healthcare Industry (Years of 2014 and 2015)


Hospital Best Award - Company of the Year (2013)


Brazil Entrepreneur Award (2012)


Link Healthcare


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